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For many of us, a quarter to a third of our lives will be spent in the workplace. On a daily basis, we will spend more waking hours in our workplace than at home, and experience more exchanges with team members than family members. Job satisfaction and levels of productivity depend on work life balance, work demands, work support, and work rewards. Simultaneously, an organization relies on a productive and engaged workforce to remain competitive and meet external demands.

Mental Health America (MHA) recognizes the psychological impact that workplaces can have on their employees. Millions of employees spend a large part of their day, and lifetime, at work, increasing the effect that workplace environments can have on psychological well-being. MHA’s research is part of an ongoing commitment to uncovering workplace disparities and addressing the psychological needs of the workforce.

The Workplace Health Survey measured the attitudes and perceptions of over 17,000 employees across 19 industries in the US. Survey questions were designed to collect data on work environments, workplace stress, employee engagement, and employee benefits. Survey findings explored the relationship between workplace health and employee engagement, a concept that has, in recent years, become more measurable, and indicative of workplace stress levels and overall mental health. ​​Download the
Workplace Wellness Survey Report



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