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Our Impact

Our work is driven by our commitment to promote mental health as a critical part of overall wellness. We work by developing, empowering, informing and activating a network of people, healthcare providers and business alliances interested in advancing mental health in Arizona.





Here are some of our highlights from our 2016-2017 Annual Report:

  • Screened over 11,000 individuals for mental illness
  • Reached over 50,600 individuals who accessed information through our website, via phone or email
  • Stayed in contact with over 1,000 people over social media
  • Held 4 very well-attended Association of Associations events to bring together the mental health community
  • Distributed 2,500 resource cards to college students and 500 more "Pocket Guides" throughout Maricopa County
  • Held our annual conference, "Advocacy, Awareness, Achievement" which was attended by over 250 people.
  • Met with Arizona Legislators to discuss the following: 
    • criminal justice reform (including post-release issues of employment and support services along with the need for re-entry programs and services for former inmates),
    • rewriting of our state HIPPA law,
    • lifting the freeze on KidsCare, supplemental insurance needs, policy changes for SNAP and ABAWD (able-bodied adults without children),
    • budget issues and much more.
  • Held annual conference: "B4Stage4:  Starting the Conversation," which brought together individuals from around the state to discuss early detection and prevention of mental illness. Over 250 people attended, including 12 sponsors
  • Gave powerful testimony in front of the AHCCCS (our state’s Medicaid office) Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee. As a result, they approved fourteen oral antipsychotics along with three long lasting antipsychotic injectable to the statewide drug list without requiring prior authorization effective October 1st. The decision giving open access to these medications without a requirement for step therapy or "fail first" policies allows and empowers our physicians to get their patients the appropriate help at the right time. 
  • Co-sponsored a video-conference “Behavioral Health in Rural Arizona:  Assessing Network Strength”.  In total, via all locations,  101 participants (23 via the internet, 22 on-site in Phoenix, and 56 at host sites in Nogales, Bisbee, Parker, Somerton, Prescott, Flagstaff, and Tucson) attended the video-conference.
  • Participated with many different Coalitions ensuring the voice of mental health is represented including: AZ Council of Human Service Providers, Arizona Justice Alliance, AHCCCS Office of Individual and Family Affairs, AZ Peer & Family Coalition, David’s Hope Mental Health and Criminal Justice Coalition, Cover AZ Coalition, Cover Kids Coalition, Arizona Justice Alliance and Basic Needs Coalition​