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MHA AZ Legislative Priorities

MHA AZ 2018 Legislative Priorities:


  • Monitor state and federal legislation that impact individuals living with behavioral health issues. 
  • Advocate for parity of behavioral and physical health care. 
  • Advocate for mental health screenings, preventative services and wellness programs within schools, workplaces and the community.
  • ​Monitor state budget and funding allocations for behavioral health.
  • Download 2018 Legislative Wrap Up

MHA AZ 2017 Legislative Priorities:

 Focus Area:
Protect the key provisions of the Affordable Care Act that affect access to mental health services.


  • Monitor state budget and funding allocations for behavioral health.​
  • ​Monitor legislation that impacts defendants subject to involuntary commitment.​
  • Support the work of the study committee and potential legislation regarding “nonrestorable” defendants.​
  • Support Department of Health Services amendments to fingerprint and licensing laws.​​
  • Consider support for Arizona Office of Courts legislation on sentencing fines, competency, and permanent guardianship.​
  • Support sentencing reform efforts so individuals with a mental illness can receive diversion program services and re-entry supports.​​
  • Support efforts to increase the imposed time limits of 12 months to 24 months for TANF recipients.


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